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5 reasons for saving the BBC Wildlife Fund

  • It is uniquely placed to promote the need for international conservation
  • It has already successfully addressed threats to key endangered species
  • It was only founded in 2007 and has huge potential
  • It is highly cost effective - savings from its closure will be small
  • Its proposed closure is seen as a great loss by the conservation sector

Latest News

  • The campaign continues – gets stronger!

    Despite news that trustees of the BBC Wildlife Fund have had to recommend its wind down, the Fund is still OPEN and the campaign gathers pace

    Faced with withdrawal of support from the BBC Executive, the Trustees had no choice but to begin winding down the Fund. Reasons for closure of the Wildlife Fund remain unclear, but cost savings are likely to be small (personnel salaries and other expenses are financed by tax rebates from Gift Aid not by the BBC). However the last project contract continues to April 2013 and until then the Fund remains OPEN. That’s 20 months for the campaign to succeed.

    Conservation organizations have since have unanimously declared themselves all the more determined to push ahead with the campaign to reverse the closure.

    So keep signing the petition! And urge your friends and colleagues to do so as well. Organizations representing 2.5 million members have so far expressed support – it’s a question of converting that into signatures...

  • Massive support for retaining the Fund

    57 organizations sign letter to BBC Chairman – published in The Guardian

    In a joint letter to Chris Patten, chair of the BBC Trustees, conservation organizations declared massive solidarity with the Fund – calling for reversal of the closure decision.

    Describing the Fund as “an extraordinary success story” the signatories have expressed willingness to meet with the Chairman of the BBC Trustees, Lord Patten to discuss keeping it open.

    57 organizations have already signed the letter, including RSPB, WWF and Greenpeace. More are joining every day – from the USA and Latin America too as the campaign widens.

    The letter has been published in The Guardian, circulation 250,000, under the heading “BBC plan to axe Wildlife Fund met by chorus of dismay

  • The Ecologist magazine attacks the closure

    Why the BBC is wrong to scrap its Wildlife Fund