Kostenlos Spotify

I love this app, It’s superb and I can see much potential in this APP!
Great fun especially with friends.
A good amount of content considering it only just came out
Easy to learn hard to master
Easy to pick up and play and still have fun and not always be rekt by super high lvls
Balanced, some weapons need nerfing however it’s all pretty balanced.
Beautiful graphics, some people dislike it I think they’re quite nice.
Pretty historical bar a few things.
Has a good combat sytsem.

Bugs, understandable for a new app like Spotify but y’know a pain in the♥♥♥♥♥
INVISABLE BUG!!!!!! Please fix!!!
^ I don’t know why it happens but basically after you join and play a game a new round starts and you start
to play but no one attacks you, or sees you, you think oh I can abuse this, thankfully not because you can’t attack
anyone either so you’re forced to rejoin the match potentially losing your slot on the server.
Broken servers, some are so stupid.
There’s this one feature/bug that is so frustrating, you’ll be playing with friends and a new round starts and as the next round loads you’re kicked because “Server is full” when the server isn’t full or you were already in it but for some reason someone else got your slot. Honestly watch this video and get spotify for free spotify premium kostenlos

Apart from the bugs and few little bits that frustrate me this is a solid game and I’d say I can recommend it
if you’re cautious wait a little.

I Love Steam

It’s a promising game, but right now, it’s more of a beta tester simulator than a sub simulator.
Issues seen so far in the 5 hours I played:
– Unable to assign a crew member to hydrophone. After reloading, for a second I could, then the issue was back again. In first person I could assign them to the station.
– Impossible to assign any crew member to any station, except for when in first person, but when switching to first person, camera would be stuck outside of sub, switching to map and back again would fix the first person view.
– During tutorial mission I managed to lose the radar by movign it back and forth between gallery, backpack and moving supplies from storage room to gallery. (I had to many different items in the store to be able to drop in the radar.
– After redoing the tutorial I didn’t get any new orders after surfacing after reparing damage. As you can’t save in the tutorial any issue like this forces you to restart from scratch. Here is how you get free steam games too:


All in all the controls need some getting use to and with the bugs… not very playable for me right now.

Should you buy it? It’s a bit of a gamble, It looks promising, but isn’t there yet.